What are Challenges?

COLLABx Challenges are interactive experiences that are designed to help founders learn new skills, collaborate with peers working on the same goals, and ultimately, grow faster.

Each Challenge accelerates founders towards specific milestones in the founder journey. Challenges range from one hour, to several weeks, to ongoing evergreen Challenges.

Learn by Doing

How many times have you watched an interesting webinar, only to forget everything minutes later? COLLABx Challenges are practical, actionable and the most efficient way to crush your goals.

Founders, not Gurus

Nothing beats learning from a founder who's been there, done that. We bring in expert founders to share real-world case studies and to mentor you directly.

Better, Together

It's hard to do things alone and we all get stuck from time to time. Challenges are "multiplayer games" with a group of like-minded peers for accountability and support.

Let's Level Up Together

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